Why is it better to buy natural hair extensions?
"What's the difference between artificial and natural hair?" - this topic worries many girls who decide to build up. When you wear overhead or extended curls, you need to understand this issue. The answer is simple and it is not at all difficult to distinguish between these types of hair.
The easiest way to check their condition is to cut a couple of hairs from a strand and set them on fire. Human hair burns with a flickering flame, it quickly fades and smells like fired organic matter. Unlike natural, artificial ones, when in contact with fire, burn with a sparkling flame right up to the moment until they completely burn out. A specific unpleasant smell of burnt rubber will be emitted.
Outwardly, artificial hair and natural hair are very similar, it can be difficult to distinguish them even for an experienced specialist. If you compare two identical bunches, but one will be artificial and the other natural, you will notice that natural ones are much more in weight. When comparing fake strands, a lot more material has to be used to achieve the same volume of natural hair. This leads to the fact that the transition will most likely be noticeable, so it is very important here to choose the right material and master.
How long can the hair be used?
With proper care, the hair can be reused 3-4 times if the length suits you.
How to care for extended hair?
Taking care of extended hair is very simple, just like your own hair, the only thing is that we do not use shampoo with oils, keratin and silicone, the shampoo must be cleansing, then you can apply masks, conditioners and balms to the hair along the entire length of the hair without touching the capsules. You can use tongs to straighten your hair or curl it into curls.
How many grams of hair do you need for an extension?
The number of grams of hair for extensions is determined individually, as it depends on your own hair density, if your hair is thin and not at all thick, 100 grams of hair will be enough for full extension, if your hair of medium thickness will need from 120 to 150 grams, if your hair is thick - 180-200 grams of hair. If you find it difficult to determine the volume for you, you can always contact the consultant on the website.
How often should extended hair be corrected?
It is necessary to correct hair extensions every 2.5-3 months, as your hair grows back and strands fall down. The master removes hair, makes a new encapsulation of hair, and extends strands again. On our website you can use the service "Keratin micro bonding" and get your hair fully prepared for the extension procedure, which significantly saves your time.
Can hair extensions be dyed?
Hair extensions can be dyed in different shades. Blond is not advised to lighten too much, color changes by 1-2 tones are allowed, as well as hair toning. You can also do keratin hair straightening, botox and hair nanoplasty, these procedures will give the hair shine and silkiness
In which cities in Germany do you have hair extension specialists?
Berlin, Hamburg, Dortmund, Düsseldorf, Cologne, Bonn, Essen, Duisburg, Wuppertal.
To make an appointment, please write to the contacts on the website. All photo of works you can see on our Instagram profile.

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